hartz.com – a website re-design, built from scratch.

Launch Website


We re-designed hartz.com to create a new vibrant website. With a mobile-first approach, this project was built from scratch, starting with wireframes and ending with the launch a fully customized website on WordPress.

My Role

In collaboration with Worlder, Inc and The Anywhere Company, I led the UI/UX design process & managed the development of the site.


Worlder, Inc.
Jeremy Belcher

My UX Process

UX Audit of the old website

  • Backwards engineered the sitemap
  • Identified number of unique page templates
  • ┬áReviewed all requirements for new website including API integrations


  • Mobile Design
  • Desktop Design
  • Prototype in Invision

Onsite Content Workshops

Technical Requirements

  • Requirement documentation delivered